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〈地下社會生活者〉by Quizmaster

〈地下社會生活者〉(a life in) Underworld by Quizmaster
譯詞 lyrics translated by 雷小雷

亂入的蝙蝠 穿透牆面的迷幻音波
終於是 解離的 與世無爭的 無國籍的 夜晚 熱鬧非凡
似乎跟我們訂下遠度從洋般後 一定要來乾杯喝酒的

歪斜的音箱 震動的牆壁 歡樂才要開始
歪斜的空間 牆壁傳來震耳欲聾的聲音 全部都混在一起

俗語說過 別再自相殘殺了

歪斜的音箱 震動的牆壁 歡樂才要開始
歪斜的空間 牆壁傳來震耳欲聾的聲音 全部都混在一起

這裡跟所有地方都一樣 你覺得你不一樣嗎

如果你 向下俯瞰
一切都是相同的 什麼都沒有搞錯
這裡是哪裡 誰都不會介意
只是 與 地上 不同的社會
只是 與 地上 不同的社會
一切都是相同的 什麼都沒有搞錯
如果你睜開你的眼睛 向下俯瞰

這是日本獨立樂團 Quizmaster 在聽到地下社會歇業的消息後,特別製作的〈地下社會生活者〉紀念影像。

Quizmaster 成軍於 2003 年, 1976 鼓手 大師兄 留日時曾經是成員之一。2005 年首度來台,在地下社會等地演出。返日後便把他們在地下社會的感受,寫成這首〈地下社會生活者〉,收錄在 2006 年問世的首張專輯《The Great Buildings of Quizmaster》裡 (CD/mp3 請洽 海邊的卡夫卡 博客來 IndieVox Amazon 等)。爾後,他們陸續來台巡演多次,地下社會是他們必到之處。
Quizmaster 在 2010 年初宣告解散,部份團員另組有 Icon Girl Pistols ,先後三度來台演出,地下社會同樣是他們必定流連忘返的所在。
Icon Girl Pistols 在聽到地下社會歇業的消息後,在他們的 部落格 寫下 這段文字
warped speakers, shuddering walls
and so this month, our favourite venue in taiwan will be closing its shutters permanently.
as icon girl pistols we had the pleasure of playing the Underworld three times, and each gig holds really special memories. it featured prominently in our music video for "on the road", including those psychedelic walls and that memorable staircase. it is really really sad to think we will not be able to play there again...and it is not just about the live shows. Underworld was the place where we inevitably ended up at the end of every night in Taipei, listening to records and sharing stories with the regulars until sunrise.
for shinnosuke those memories go back even further - with quizmaster he played their first ever taiwan show there back in about 2005 (?) and that awesome little club inspired a song on quizmaster's first record, for which they have just made a little slideshow of old photos. it's a good track, you can hear it here .
we hope to be back in Taiwan soon, but there is definitely going to be an emptiness where the Underworld used to be. but still, as long as the amazing people of that city are still around, i am certain that there will always be other cool places to hang out.

〈on the road〉music video by Icon Girl Pistols

〈地下社會生活者〉(a life in) Underworld by Quizmaster live at Underworld 2007

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