Saturday, April 28, 2007

Varo 專輯接連打進加拿大大學電台播放率排行

CIUT 89.5 MHz - Toronto
Top 30 For the Week Ending: Tuesday, March 6, 2007

1 Do Make Say Think You You're A History In Rust Constellation
2 A.M. Underground Independent
3 Apostle Of Hustle National Anthem Of Nowhere Arts & Crafts
4 The Reason Things Couldn't Be Better Smallman
5 Great Lake Swimmers Ongiara Nettwerk
6 Ghislain Poirier Bounce Le Remix Vol. 2 Bizniss Ghis
7 The Outfit The Outfit Beauhemian
8 Julie Doiron Woke Myself Up Endearing
9 The Gruesomes Live In Hell Ricochet Sound
10 Tradition Tradition Blocks Recording Club
11 Various Friends In Bellwoods Out Of This Spark
12 Central Services Central Services Independent
13 The 50 Kaitenz 50 Kaitenz No Gya!! Warner Music JP
14 Comeback Kid Broadcasting Smallman/Victory
15 Schvendes Twice The Man Caveman Music
16 Various Aaargh Annual: Year Two Aaargh
17 The Fo!ps The Fo!ps Mortfell Oktorium
18 Sexhead Live At CIUT PAF!
19 Psychic Ills Early Violence Social Registry
20 Geoff Berner The Wedding Dance Of The ... Jericho Beach
21 Andrew Winton The Decompression Chamber MGM Distribution AU
22 Fjord Rowboat Saved The Compliment For ... Fjord Rowboat
23 Nurse & Soldier Marginalia Brah/Jagjaguwar
24 The Emeralds Surfing Baby Cranberry JP
25 Mike Evin Let's Slow It Down Independent
26 Galaxie 500 Le Temps Au Point Mort Dep
27 George Crumb Vox Balanae (Voice Of The...) Naxos
Varo 第二張專輯 My Body Is the Tempo
28 Varo My Body's In Tempo 7 Inch Vinyl
29 !!! Myth Takes Warp
30 Friday Morning's Regret When Lost At Sea Independent

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CIUT 89.5 MHz - Toronto
Top 30 For the Week Ending: Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1 The Buttless Chaps Where Night Holds Light Mint
2 Anagram After Dark Dead Astronaut
Varo 第一張專輯 Hardcore Beach
3 Varo Hardcore Beach 7" Inch Vinyl Taiwan
4 Detroit Illharmonic Symphony City Of Darkness Ambassador Bridge
5 Darondo Let My People Go Luv N' Haight
6 Charlie Sohmer Dying To Have A Good Time Glowing Hearts
7 Young And Sexy Panic When You Find It Mint
8 The Barmitzvah Brothers The Century Of Invention Permafrost
9 Larra Skye The World Disappears Independent
10 Saucer Saucer Independent

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